Make your own Fire Cider …. before you need it.

This legendary herbal elixir should be a common staple in our home apothecaries.  Not only is it delicious, but it is packed with herbs to keep you warm and strong this winter. 

Fire cider brings us what we all need in the cold winter months is: more warmth (to keep things from slowing and creaking), more moisture (to encourage healthy mucous that keeps on moving), some stimulation (to keep the juices flowing), and a responsive nourished immune system.  

Classic Mountain Rose Herbs Fire Cider Recipe

§  1 medium organic onion, chopped

§  10 cloves of organic garlic, crushed or chopped

§  1/2 cup fresh grated organic ginger root (or organic ginger root powder)

§  1/2 cup fresh grated organic horseradish root (or organic horseradish powder)

§  2 organic jalapeno peppers, chopped – optional as long as your horseradish has some heat!

§  Zest and juice from 1 organic lemon – optional

§  1 Tbsp. organic turmeric powder – optional

§  1/4 tsp. organic cayenne powder – optional

§  2 Tbsp. of dried rosemary leaves – optional

§  organic apple cider vinegar

§  1/4 cup of raw, local honey, or to taste – optional

TIP:  Use your imagination and follow your taste buds.  I’ve included a classic recipe below but the only important rules are: get the best ingredients; and make sure the ingredients include onion, garlic, ginger and horseradish, and the apple cider vinegar, of course.

  1. Prepare your roots, fruits, and herbs and place them in a quart-sized glass jar. If you’ve never grated fresh horseradish, be prepared for a powerful sinus-opening experience!
  2. Pour the apple cider vinegar in the jar until all of the ingredients are covered and the vinegar reaches the jar’s top.
  3. Use a piece of natural parchment paper under the lid to keep the vinegar from touching the metal, or a plastic lid if you have one. Shake well.
  4. Store in a dark, cool place for a month and remember to shake daily.
  5. After one month, use cheesecloth to strain out the pulp, pouring the vinegar into a clean jar. Be sure to squeeze as much of the liquidy goodness out.  Optional: You can use the spent herbs as a kind of chutney as long as it is kept under vinegar for  preservation.   
  6. Next comes the honey. Add and stir until incorporated. I don’t use honey as I prefer to add my Fire Cider to hearty meals and for a kick of heat. 

TIP: Honey does confer some health benefits but is not mandatory in this recipe.  Keep you finished Fire Cider in the fridge.  And…you may wish to label it!

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