"Healing With Heart"

My Approach – The Health Consultation


Uncovering your health story

During your Health Consultation, my job is to collect the whole constellation of  details that make up your unique health story.  After learning your key health issue I will ask you questions about your history, your health challenges and strengths, as well as the status of  all body systems.  Your answers (don’t worry, there are no wrong answers!) will help me to develop your Healing Plan, which is the foundation of our work together. 

Assessment Techniques

Though my practice is based largely on Western herbal traditions and modern science, I also integrate observation and analysis techniques from a mix of disciplines such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda.  This mix of disciplines provides me with a solid framework for understanding what may be going on with you.  This may involve tongue analysis, constitution analysis, pulse evaluation or simple visual observation.  

Working in Partnership

Working together as a team, we agree on a Healing Plan that works for you and your lifestyle.  I provide expertise, recommendations, gentle encouragement, and remedies, while you provide the desire and determination to be well.   As part of your on-going care, I will also act as your advocate through your work with other health practitioners of your choosing.

Complete Support

Though the herbal medicines and foods are powerful, I also believe that healing is about more than just using plant remedies.  To really help you achieve your health goals I provide personal guidance to help you to:

  • make lifestyle or dietary adjustments;
  • sort through conflicting information;
  • Understand your health challenges and celebrate your strengths;
  • Connect you with alternate health practitioners, as needed (e.g. naturopath, physical therapy, energy work);
  • keep you focused on the path to achieve your ultimate health goals.

I am committed to providing you support for as long as you wish.

For more information please check out Health Consultations.