My Favourite Learning Resources

My library of books, online resources and trusted resources is vast but here are a few valuable resources that you might find the most helpful as you begin your journey with herbs.

Herb books/authors

  • Guido Mase – The Wild Medicine Solution: Healing with Aromatic, Bitter, and Tonic Plants
  • Susun Weed – Healing Wise, Menopausal Years, Breast Cancer? Breast Health!: The Wise Woman Way
  • Matthew Wood – The Book of Herbal Wisdom – and many other books by this herbalist

Youtube Videos/Plant Walks from some of my favourite herbalists:

Trusted on-line resources:

Blogs: Kiva Rose, Jim McDonald, Matthew Wood, Stephen Buhner, Guido Mase (Urban Moonshine blog) 

Herb Mentor (web –based membership – low monthly cost) –

The Herbarium 

The Herbal Academy/Herbarium (membership)

Rosalee de la Forêt (founder of herb mentor)

National Center for Biotechnology Information – good for science geeks Top of Form

Herbs as Food

Note:  This blog entry is an excerpt from 2017 Wild Plant Walk “SPRING TONICS FROM THE WILDISH SIDE”

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