The Apothecary

The Apothecary

At the heart of Bee Wild Herbs is the apothecary, where you will find a plenitude of high-quality, hand made, wild-crafted and organic herbal teas and extracts. These extracts are used singly, blended in custom formulas, or used in our well-loved products.  

If you’ve ever seen me out in the field, foraging and collecting plants for medicines, you can’t help but notice how much I love this work.

Don’t know what an extract is? Check out the FAQ section.


When you buy Bee Wild Herbs products you can be confident that they are made with high quality medicine and are  hand-made by Tanya in small batches to guarantee consistency, potency, safety and freshness.   Our products contain no harmful chemicals and are: GMO Free; Wild-Crafted; Organic; Cruelty Free. 


Selection of good quality herbs is the foundation of good medicine. At Bee Wild Herbs, our medicinal plants are ethically and carefully hand-harvested by Tanya and are collected from the pristine wild lands and forests in our area.  Roots, flowers, leaves, berries and barks are gathered only when their medicinal qualities are at their peak medicinal quality and, since different plants flourish at different times of the year, I am kept busy all year round!

Herbs that do not grow in our area are purchased from  trusted providers who are dedicated to sourcing Certified Organic, sustainably harvested, fair trade, and GMO-free herbs.