Violet – Soothe hot and dry conditions

The leaves and flowers cooling and healing characteristics are great for hot and dry conditions especially in the lungs & urinary tract.  This lovely plant soothes all mucous membranes and I often add it to my tea infusions to add a moistening element. 

 FAMILY:  Violeaceae     Botanical Name: Viola odorata, V. tricolour   Common Name(s): Violet, Wild Pansy, Heart’s Ease, Johnny Jump Up


Viola tricolor: Leaves are alternate and elongated, with the lower leaves are heart-shaped-ovate and upper leaves are oblong-lanceolate. Flowers are 5-petaled, with the top two petals usually purple, the lateral petals white, and a yellow lower petal.
Viola odorata: Heart-shaped, downy leaves with 5-petaled and sweetly-scented dark to light purple, light pink or white flowers.

PARTS USED: Leaves, flowers, roots (use with caution)

HARVESTING:  Harvest the flowers and leaves in the spring and summer when still fresh and colorful.

ENERGETICS: cooling, mucilaginous (lubricating), pungent (stimulating)



Tonic, Alterative, Healing, Soothing, Nutritive, Decongestant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-oxidant

  • Odorata: Mucilage, flavonoids, saponins
    Tricolour: flavonoids, salicylate, resins.
  • Dry or stagnant conditions – heat, inflammation, irritation, pain, thick phlegm
  • Mucous membranes (stomach, respiratory, sinuses, urinary) -> soothes, lubricates and heals tissues
  • Respiratory :
    Upper: irritated coughs, allergies, sinusitis, ear issues,
    Lower: strengthen and tone lungs esp. for hot/dry issues: asthma, bronchitis, sore throat, sinusitis
  • Lymphatic – stimulates, improve waste (toxin, bacteria) removal, swollen glands
  • Immune system -> long standing infections (ie. Sinus)
  • Skin -> Eczema (dry or weeping), acne, mysterious itches
  • Breast -> pain, swelling, cysts, fibrocystic, mastitis
  • Cancer-> esp. breast – taken internally and externally – see Susun Weed (Breast Health book)


Very high in: Vitamin A (carotene) and vitamin C complex (ascorbic acid), rutin


Leaves:  Fresh in salads, extracted in alcohol (medicine) or vinegar (nutrients), drink as a tea or infusion (steeped for 4-8 hours) for both medicine and nutrition.  Infuse in oil for skin issues. (See Recipe).  Matthew Wood recommends a fresh poultice of leaves and flowers for cancers of the lymphatic system, breasts, lungs, and skin.  Poultice also great for infections, sore breasts, mastitis, abscesses, acne, arthritis, minor skin irritations, sores, and swollen glands.

Flowers: Fresh in salads, syrup, candied, poultice, colds/flus (syrup or tea) – great for children too!

Note:  This blog entry is an excerpt from 2017 Wild Plant Walk “SPRING TONICS FROM THE WILDISH SIDE”



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